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Welcome to Teddy-cation


Early Learning Goals

Learning and development expected at the end of the early years foundation stage.

Brain Exercises

Enhancing learning through exercising different parts of the brain.

Fun interactive activities

Each lesson is a new and exciting learning experience.

a bit about us

I started Teddy-cation because I wanted a class that provided fun educational, interactive learning opportunities that covered different subject areas and worked different areas of the brain firing the imagination of young minds. I wanted a class that also provided a rich combination of educational experiences and fun innovative ways of learning, which would give parents practical ideas that they could use at home with their children and help prepare them for school life. A class that didn’t already exist out there for my toddler twins.

I have 17 years of primary school teaching experience including being Deputy Head for a number of years.  This experience as well as being school ambassader for BLP, (Building Learning Power) and Assessment Lead, has helped to create the Teddy-cation curriculum for children aged 2 ½ to preschool age.

Being a mum of 6 year old twins has made it clear to me how important it is to introduce children to new educational experiences in an informal fun format creating a foundation block to build upon for future learning.  I use elements of the Early Years Curriculum to help structure my classes, with a clear learning intention and fun activities working alongside parents with time to reflect on what we have achieved.

I also offer educational consultancy services and I am currently working with the Children’s Play Village in Warwick.

Our Mission


Educational benefits

Teddy-cation is a unique pre-school group in Warwickshire that provides Budding Brains (Buddies) with an opportunity to take part in a range of practical and rewarding activities based on: Communication, Language & Literacy, Physical Development, Mathematics, Understanding of the World, Expressive Arts & Design, Personal Social & Emotional Development in line with the Early Years Foundation Stage. Using physical brain warm up technique principles helps to fire up neurons in the brain.

Many educators believe that using brain exercises helps improve childrens’ concentration, memory, physical co-ordination and self-responsibility in learning new skills and concepts.  Learning takes places through explorative and imaginative play and through listening, talking and discussing.

These are short fun movements/exercises that take place at the start of the class designed to engage the brain for example:

  • Activate The Teddy 8 – Budding Brains will draw a large figure of 8 either using their hand or writing material to help engage the brain for art and creative activities. By doing this you are crossing the midline (the ability to reach across the middle of the body with the arms crossing over to the opposite side) and stimulating both sides of the brain.

This is an important developmental skill needed for everyday tasks such as putting on your shoes or hitting a ball. Crossing the midline with the dominant hand provides practise to develop good fine motor skills. It is suggested that not practising crossing the midline may make it difficult to track moving objects from one side to another or even tracking reading from left to right.

About our Classes

Teddy- cation is a new toddler class that combines education, with fun interactive activities covering different skills in the subjects areas; Art, English, Maths, Science, D&T, P.E. Geography and Music linked with Early Years Foudation Stage. By covering different subject areas and skills, each lesson is a new and exciting learning experience pitched at an age appropriate level .

Teddy- cation  is tailored specifically to the pre school  (2 ½ – 4yrs) developmental  phase and develops language and communication skills, listening skills, social and emotional skills, confidence, co-ordination, imagination, enquiring minds, creativity and exploration of different subject area skills.

The classes follow a set structure with Teddy Neuron greeting each child, a brain warm up exercise, a mission set by Teddy Neuron, a  fun practical activity based on a subject area, a circle time sharing and communication of the learning experience and sticker in their Super Hero Card, a self assessment activity to reflect on their learning and a good bye high five from Teddy Neuron. Each class teaches parents/carers simple skills and activities in different subject areas that can be used at home with the children.

Each class runs for 45 minutes over the course of a Warwickshire school term and has a maximum of 14 children attending each session. In the last week of each term Teddy Neuron’s Budding Brains (Buddies) get a certificate, and in the last week of the summer term they graduate into becoming Super Heroes themselves.





The Buddies are given the opportunity to speak and listen in a range of situations that will help to build their confidence and skills in expressing themselves. Through the class activities the children will respond to what they hear with relevant comments, questions and actions. The children will be given simple instructions involving several ideas and actions. The Buddies will be given opportunities to express themselves talking about events that have happened in the class and what might happen next, and to make connections between ideas and events e.g. at the end of the session reflecting on their experiences throughout the session.



The Buddies will be given opportunities to practise skills in counting numbers, identifying shapes and exploring measures (talking about sizes and comparing them).


This involves providing opportunities for the Buddies to be active and interactive and develop their co-ordination, control and movement. The Buddies will be given the experience to explore large and small movements to work towards becoming more confident in a range of ways, for example: safely negotiating space and controlling equipment to include throwing and catching balls; handling different tools to develop fine motor skills including using a pen, pencil and paint brushes.



The Buddies will be guided to make sense of the physical world through opportunities to explore and observe what is around them, looking at objects, materials and living things.



The Buddies will be supported to explore and play with a wide range of media and materials. We will provide opportunities for sharing their thoughts, ideas and feelings for a variety of activities in art, music, dance, design and technology.




Buddies will be helped to:

  • Develop a positive sense of themselves and others
  • Form positive relationships and develop respect for others
  • Develop social skills
  • Have confidence in their own abilities
  • Play co-operatively

We aim to encourage Buddies to become confident in trying new activities, to be able to speak in a familiar group about their ideas and work as part of a group following the rules of the class.






Photos taken by Lynne Gougeon and David Fawbert


  • £6.85
  • classes follow term times
  • 45 mins per class
  • different focus each week
  • Teddy Neuron leads the sessions for his Buddies

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Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Hatton Park Village Hall, CV35 7TR

Barcheston Drive, Hatton Park, Warwick, CV35 7TR
Warwick Gates Community Centre, CV34 6DZ

Cressida Close, Heathcote, CV34 6DZ
Warwickshire Gym, CV35 7QT

Leek Wootton, CV35 7QT



  • Hatton Park Village Hall, CV35 7TR
    10.00 – 10.45


  • Warwick Gates Community Centre, CV34 6DZ
    10.00 – 10.45


No events available!
Teddy-Cation locations

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Hatton Park Village Hall: 52.302000, -1.635603
Warwick Gates Community Centre: 52.268711, -1.538675
Whitnash Community Hall: 52.268230, -1.529360
Warwickshire Gym: 52.307470, -1.581280
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Hatton Park Village Hall

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Warwick Gates Community Centre

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Whitnash Community Hall

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Warwickshire Gym




1 day ago


So excited about next week where we will be studying light and dark (new session) and making these Christmas inspired night lights!! If you fancy joining us at one of these venues please get in touch:
Monday 1.30pm Whitnash Community Hall
Tuesday 10am Hatton Park Village Hall
Thursday 10am Whitnash Community Hall
Just ordered torches 🔦 too so the children can experiment with light! Eek I can’t wait 🐻 #earlyyearseducation #preschoolclass #warwickshire #scienceexperiments #exploring #investigating #handsonlearningfun #lightanddark #nightlight #christmas

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2 days ago


TAKE ME TO YOUR LEADER! Aliens are taking over the world – well not quite the world but definitely Teddy-cation classes this week! The children had so much fun using 2D shapes to create their spaceship and alien. We also used our imaginations and story telling skills to make our own space stories up – great language development! #whatevernextbook #space #aliens👽 #spacerockets #imaginativeplaytime #creativity #languageskills #2dshapesplay #learningisfun✏📝 #preschoolclass #warwickshire #teddycation

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3 days ago


Thank you @warwickshire_teacher_journeys for sharing these wonderful images on your page. In Teddy-cation classes over the last two weeks we have used the story ‘Whatever Next?’ to study space, work on story retelling and language skills. It is lovely to see the magic of the story continuing at home, using the props found in the story to bring it to life! Our classes are based on creativity and imagination and the love of learning!
Why not come along for free to one of our classes, to see what we are all about 🐻❤️

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4 days ago


What a lovely way to start the week with my little Buddies making Alien Space Rockets and creating our own stories using play dough and space images!
If you fancy joining us next Thursday at our new venue Whitnash Community Centre 10am we would love to have you! We have so many fun things planned for the last few weeks of term 🐻

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5 days ago


🐻Come and join Teddy-cation a fun and interactive award winning class, a class that covers new and exciting subjects and topics each week.
🐻Subjects range from maths, science, music, art, D&T, drama to P.E. All activities are designed for 2.5-5yr olds and aim to develop confidence, social skills and the love of learning.
🐻Teddy Neuron a friendly super hero bear sets the children missions to complete each week.
🐻We are opening a new class at Whitnash Community Hall 10am on Thursday 28th November.
🐻There are 3 weeks left of this term and a perfect time to see what we are all about – we have some great Christmas activities planned.
🐻Get in contact if you fancy coming along:
07720 446453
Visit our Facebook page to find out what we are all about.

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6 days ago


Lottie and Billy after a fabulous riding lesson at Radway Riding School. Lottie smiles the whole time and loves every minute of it. I couldn’t recommend this riding stables more highly, so friendly, amazing instructors and such gorgeous horses and ponies. 🐴

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7 days ago


If you haven’t already visited Coffee On The Corner Kenilworth then you are missing out! A wonderful new local business in Kenilworth, that sells homemade cakes and delicious range of hot drinks! I know where I’ll be going on Saturday 😋

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7 days ago


Lots of bargains to be had!We’re really excited to be trialing a Friday night sign in with some of our Nearly New Sale sellers.

We can’t wait to welcome you all to our sale tomorrow 12-2pm at Myton School.

Don’t forget to watch this page in the morning for our facebook live video where we show you what’s for sale.

We may even squeeze one in tonight so you can see some of the prep behind the scenes.

Did you know that we started prepping for this sale at the end of June. Here are some number for you

90 volunteers on the day
10 branch volunteers behind the scenes
Over 24 hours prep on week of the sale
2.5 hour on the Friday evening to set the rooms up
9 hours on the Saturday from start to finish
6 hours counting 145 sellers tickets
2 hours inputting information to pay sellers
over 15 hours spent from start to finish emailing sellers
over 15 hours spent emailing and coordinating volunteers
There is so much more that we do, the list could go on and on

Thank you for your support which enables us to support parents in the Warwickshire area.

Jane, Daniella and the NCT Warwickshire team

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1 week ago


Doesn’t this photo give you a warm fuzzy feeling! Mini Teddy Neuron loves cuddles! If you would like a Mini Teddy Neuron for Christmas they are £20 and need to be ordered by the first week in December for pre Christmas delivery. Please get in touch if you would like a bear so I can get it ordered! The very talented Delirious Daisy Designs a local business hand make all our bears, check out her page for my lovely items. Please get in touch via:
#christmaspressiesorted #miniteddyneuron #teddycation #warwickshire #deliriousdaisycrafts #getordering #handmade #preschoolclass #abearisforlifenotjustforchristmas

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1 week ago


Our very own star 🌟 constellations 🌌 love the names the children have come up for them! We love to use our imaginations in Teddy-cation and we loved visiting space! Aliens next week! #spaceship #space #starconstellations #imaginativeplay #creativityeveryday #earlylanguagedevelopment #earlyyearseducation #preschoolclass #warwickshire #handsonlearning #learningisfun #teddycation

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2 weeks ago


We used the story ‘Whatever next!’ as inspiration for going into space. We retold the story using picture cards and then through drama we zoomed into space to study Star constellations. Noah did a great job of making his own star patterns and then creates our own space rocket 🚀!!

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2 weeks ago


Whizz! Pop! Bang! Our firework display masterpieces!! Remember, remember the 5th of November! #fireworks💥 #5thnov #artwork #glitter #bonfirenight #usingourimagination #creativity #preschoolclass #earlyyearsplay #warwickshire #teddycation

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3 weeks ago


Wonderful first day back! We explored everything firework related from becoming a firework to making a play dough firework display and using paint and glitter to create a firework picture. You can still join us this term, Tuesday 10am Hatton Park and Monday 1.30pm at Whitnash Community Hall. Book a place via this link:

#fireworks💥 #creativity #imaginations #exploring #learningnewthingsisfun #earlyyearsplay #earlyyearseducation #preschoolclass #warwickshire #teddycation #lovelearning

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3 weeks ago


We’re back with a bang! Firework themed class this week, we have so many fun things planned including moving like a fire work, using finger lights as fireworks and making our own firework image! If you fancy coming along for a free trial please get in touch!
Monday – Whitnash Community Centre 1.30pm
Tuesday – Hatton Park Village Hall 10am
Message via my Facebook page www.facebook.com/teddycation
07720 446453

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3 weeks ago


Happy Halloween 🎃 Have a spooktacular one ☝️ mmwwwaaahhh #halloween #trickortreat🎃 #croyde #northdevon #familytime💕 #sweetiehigh #spooktacular #preschoolclass #warwickshire #earlyyears @ Croyde Bay, North Devon

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Email: becky@teddy-cation.co.uk, Tel: 07720 446453


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